The Costume Institute Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is the biggest event on the fashion fundraising calendar. Some call it the Oscars of the fashion world.

The most successful people in their fields, whether it’s fashion, film, music, or art, come together to raise money for the Met’s Costume Institute, and celebrate the grand opening of its latest exhibition.

The Met Gala 2019 marks the event’s 71st anniversary. It was co-chaired by Lady Gaga, Alessandro Michele, Harry Styles, and Serena Williams. This year’s theme was based on Camp: Notes on Fashion, and boy, did everyone go all out! Here are some of the things people of the internet had to say about celebrities’ fashion choices!

 1. Cardi B


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 2. French Montana and Alicia Keys



3. More French Montana...

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4. Jared Leto

oi Jared-Leto-brings-wax-replica-of-his-head-to-Met-Gala-2019

5. Ezra Miller


6. Harry Styles


7. Benedict Cumberbatch


8. Kendall and Kylie Jenner

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9. Lady Gaga and others...