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Here we are, two weeks in practising social distancing as an attempt to combat the novel Coronavirus. But as people are struggling to get away from the virus, they’re also having a hard time adapting to the boredom that comes with isolation. But what if we tell you that the quarantine may actually have some perks? Believe it or not, but these two weeks have made us come to appreciate many things. Other than slowing down time and teaching us not to take life for granted, social distancing is not “distancing” after all.

Here are four ways social distancing has actually brought people together.

More quality time with the family

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Now that you’re stuck at home together, you can’t run away from spending more time with your folks, siblings, grandparents, or whoever you live with. And if you live all on your own, you probably call each other more often. This is your chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones, so don’t waste it.

Reconnecting with old friends

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If this quarantine has left us with anything, it’s the luxury of time. If that was your excuse for not keeping in touch with your high school buddies or childhood friends, you now have all the time in the world. We bet you’re all playing a trivia game together on Houseparty as we write this. 

Catching up with your overseas friends

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Just like you’re keeping in touch with your old friends, those who live abroad probably got their share of texts or video calls as well. Check on them if you still haven’t!

Community building

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Quarantine has forced teams to work from home, sports communities to stick to apps rather than going to the gym or fitness centre, classmates to stay at home, you name it. Yet, hardships make teamwork much stronger, and your sense of belonging to your organisation or community heightens. 

Can you relate? Let us know what social distancing has taught you in the comments.