Since summer is all about the beach, pool parties, events, and outings, it’s essential to pay attention to the latest fashion trends. That’s why we decided to team up with the wonderful certified fashion stylist and founder of Vantique Jewellery, Yasmine Eissa, to make sure you turn heads this summer. 


Credits to Enigma Magazine

Here are all the trendy wardrobe must-haves, according to Yasmine.



They always look cool, whether they’re at the end of a skirt, on a dress, or sleeves. They’re attention grabbing and will help you make a statement.

Puffy Sleeves


These will ensure you ace that gorgeous look, plus, they’re comfortable. They also usually let air in, making them perfect for summer.

Animal Prints


We’ve all seen the snake prints showering all our favourite stores, but sometimes, people fear it wouldn’t look good. Let us tell you this, they’re awesome, and they’re very fashionable this summer.

Biker Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts

We love to rock shorts in summer, and that’s why Yasmine recommended biker Bermuda shorts to be your ultimate choice.



Let’s add some glamour to this summer with feathers. They’re so comfy and look exquisite when worn right.

Minimal Strappy Sandals

Minimal strappy sandals

Summer means sandals; our feet need the air in this hot weather. And just to finish up the whole outfit with glamour, slip on a strappy sandal and you’re good to go.

Straw Bags

Straw bags


They’re just lovely and they add so much to your final look. Good for a beach day or a hangout in an open area.

Chunky Sneakers

chunky sneakers

Another choice for your feet is chunky sneakers; they’re fashionable and safe if you want to go to the club, go for a walk, or even a night out.

Tie-dye tops

tie-dye tops

Summer is all about bright colours, which is why you must have a tie-dye top somewhere in your closet.

The little white dress


You can always rock a simple white dress. It’s easy to find anywhere and even easier to mix and match with anything else.

Pleated Dresses


They’re very trendy this summer; you can put on any pleated dress and know that you’ll have people’s eyes fixed on you all night long.

Oversized Hats


You might be thinking an average sized hat is cool, but wait and see the compliments people will be giving you if you put on an oversized one this summer. They look elegant and lovely.

Yasmine gave us one more tip to mix and match some of the clothes you’ll probably find in your wardrobe. Those include a white puffy sleeve top with biker shorts, minimal strappy sandals and an oversized hat. “It’s the ‘it’ look for summer 2019,” Yasmine told us.

And one last say about colour combinations

Yasmine added that most trendy colours this season are white, lavender, and neon green. You can also combine blue and green; green and yellow; as well as yellow and orange.


By Yara Tarek