Summer is finally here, which means “vaycay” time. Lying on the beach, tanning, and taking a dip. But wait, what about the humidity, the frizz, and split ends? Oh boy! We know how frustrating protecting your hair in the summer can be. That’s why we teamed up with the beautiful Hadeer AlMallah, the beauty blogger behind BeautynBounce on Instagram, to get you the best hair care tips.

Hadeer AlMallah

 Daily Tips

#1 Moisturising is a must

Moisturizing hair

Use moisturising shampoos that nourish your locks and make it look shiny. Hadeer recommended DevaCurl Shampoo. “But pick the best one for your hair type,” she added.

 #2 Deep conditioning once a week


It’s very crucial to do this, especially in the summer, when you go to the beach. This restores the nourishing oils and prevents breakage and split ends. Hadeer also picked the DevaCurl deep conditioner as her go-to product.

 #3 Satin pillowcase


Sleeping on a silky-soft, satin pillowcase reduces hair breakage and split ends as well.

 #4 Hair masks are highly recommended

aloe vera mask for shiny hair

For ages, hair masks have been the best treatments for damaged hair, which is why you should add them to your weekly hair routine. Hadeer recommended Lovea’s hair mask. “It’s one of my top used products,” she told us. You can also mix sweet almond oil with aloe vera gel; it’s also one of the best natural hair masks, especially for protein-sensitive hair.

 Beach Precautions

#1 Wear protective hairstyles on the beach


To avoid hair breakage, knots, and tangled hair, safe hairstyles are recommended, like braids or a pineapple.

 #2 Put some baby powder on your scalp before swimming


Pool water and seawater are known to cause damage to the hair if not properly protected, which why Hadeer recommended applying some baby powder.

 #3 Wet your hair and deep condition before going out


It helps the hair to stay hydrated in the sun as the heat will open the cuticles of your hair and allow your scalp to absorb the deep conditioner.

 #4 Refresh every once in a while with your spray bottle

spray bottles

Hadeer’s spray bottle includes a ⅓ cup of chemical free conditioner + ⅔ water, and after spraying her hair, she recommends squishing and massaging the scalp.

 There you go, girls! One last thing, don’t forget to drink plenty of water as this helps your hair stay hydrated.


By Yara Tarek