It's official, guys - Egypt doesn't suck. Well, according to French-American couple, Jeff and Anne, better known to some as the folks behind travel blog, What Doesn't Suck.

Based in Dubai, the couple's travel exploits have largely been based in and around the UAE, but their most recent trip brought them to Cairo - and it was a particularly memorable trip for the twosome.

Though the video is a bit heavy-handed with its promotion of, it's all kinds of cute, with the curious, seemingly uninhibited couple filming their 48 hour trip, during which Jeff proposes to Anne. She said yes.

While it lacks the shine and glimmer of the #ThisIsEgypt campaign videos, many social media users have pointed to the piece as a much more effective and grounded form of promotion for the country's ailing tourism. But it's something that the campaign has heeded. Last August, two of Instagram’s most popular travel influencers, Jason Charles Hill (@jasoncharleshill) and Emilie Ristevski (@helloemilie), came to Egypt in collaboration with #ThisIsEgypt.
By Kalam El Qahaira