This week, Google demoed Duplex, which is a new addition to their AI Technology, Google Assistant. In the demo, Duplex was seen making real life calls to book hairdresser appointments, reserve tables in restaurants, and more.

The presenter explained that their AI technology has advanced in ways beyond comprehension; it is capable of understanding and handling different contexts when faced with unforeseen outcomes.

One, however, could question if this new technology will be available in all of the world’s languages, since, all over the world, Google Assistant doesn’t support Arabic yet. Imagine how funny it would be if Google Assistant, like a cold machine, spoke in our Egyptian dialect.

In fact, language isn’t the only concern here. What will happen to the many customer service jobs we are offered during college, you know, when we can’t find a proper job? Will IT companies depend on bots outsourced by Google instead? Will all the delivery requests be handled by bot-to-bot communication?

Also, how will our communication with our mad gfs/bfs be handled? Will it be an apology call by our Google Assistant? Although, the idea is very interesting and could save lots of our very precious time, the ways in which this new technology will affect our communication are innumerous. In any case, this is an advancement that has just toppled Apple’s Siri, and literally everyone’s expectations in 2018!


By Adel M. Fakhry