Egyptian gamers geeked out back in June when, at the annual E3, Ubisoft made it's first official announcement about Assassin's Creed: Origins - the newest entry into the popular action-adventure video game series, which this time round is set in Ancient Egypt.

Now, we can officially confirm that its time to geek out a little bit more, gin the wake of the release of the game's first cinematic trailer, which looks every bit as glorious as it promised.

Aside from the hook of it being set in Egypt, Origins brings with it a host of new features that are set to take the game into new, ever-so exciting territory  Set in 49BC during the rule of Cleopatra, the game boasts a huge map that also features places like Fayoum and Siwa, as you navigtae the hero of the piece, Bayek, and his eagle-companion, Senu. In addition, the landscape will feature a huge and significant array of flora and fauna and improved character interaction, as well as a completely reworked fighting system. In short, there's plenty to be excited about. October 27th can' come fast enough.

By Kalam El Qahaira