While there has been a backlash on social media about Mo Salah’s “poor” reaction to fans trying to take a picture with him a few weeks back, yesterday, the king himself showed us again that he is nothing close to being cocky.

Among the thousands cheering in Liverpool’s match against Southampton, a child was holding a sign asking Mo Salah for his jersey, and we are pretty sure he wasn’t the only one. However, Mo Salah spotted the child amid the masses, took off his jersey, and went straight to the child and gave it to him.

The father who was filming the whole incident saw tears flowing through his child’s eyes, which brought him to tears as well.

Wayne Dunlop (the father) later tweeted "I cannot thank you enough Mo. Brought my lad to tears (and me).... These are moments in life that hold more value than I can explain. A day my son Lewis will never forget".

To which, Mo replied:

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