We were casually surfing the web earlier today, when we found out that Egyptian actress Nashwa Moustafa is trending. But why? Turns out she made an exclusive song for her son’s wife, pulling off one hell of a performance at his wedding.

Abdelrahman and Menna’s wedding was three days ago and, instead of casually congratulating the newlyweds, the comedian made them a song! Well, not particularly “them”; the song mainly addressed the bride, changing the lyrics of Cameron Cartio and Cheb Khaled’s Henna to Menna. BAM! Did you see that coming? In the song, Nashwa sarcastically (or not to so sarcastically) advises Menna to take care of her husband or else…..

Nashwa teamed up with EGo Music Creation and together, they brought this humorous song to life. And, even though it gives us pretty bizarre vibes, we think it was actually cool. We mean, it had this sarcastic tone of a stereotypical Egyptian mother-in-law. Does anyone else get Mary Mouneeb feels?

The actress was shocked to see that the song became a social media trend: Moustafa commented “The song I sang at my son’s wedding became a trend just 10 hours after posting it to social media.”


By Yara Tarek