The Egyptian footballer who’s been under fire for days now, Amr Warda, apologised to his fans in a video on his official Facebook page. The public figure was under attack by Egyptians and foreigners alike for the recent accusations that were levelled at him. Those allegations include harassing model Merhan Keller on Instagram and sending inappropriate videos and sexting other girls.

Through all of this, Warda spoke only once, denying the allegations, but yesterday, he decided to break his silence with a video he posted on Facebook. “I apologise for what I’ve done, I apologise to my family, and my colleagues,” Warda said from the hotel that’s hosting the national team.

“I hope everyone that’s mad at me, or anyone that I might have hurt in a way or another, would forgive me. Things will be better from now on and I promise that I won’t do anything else that might upset others”, Warda continued.

After last night’s match and Warda’s official apology, the high board of football directors took back the decision of excluding the player from participating in the AFCON 2019.

A source from the high board stated that all of Warda’s colleagues wanted him back and hopefully, together they would win the African cup of nations. He then added that a final decision will be made today.


By Yara Tarek