Formerly a garbage man, and now a world-famous freerunner, Dominic di Tommaso, AKA Domtomato, came all the way to Egypt to do his thing. No, not for some show, but even better. Red Bull, best known for their adrenaline-fueled projects and love of adventure, shot an epic video for the Australian parkour expert, showing off his flips and turns around Cairos historic sites.

Via Red Bull

Domtomato tries to beat time throughout the video to meet his friends, Egyptian parkour practitioners, Omar Mokbel and Mohamed Ashraf. He eventually arrives on time to the Giza plateau to enjoy the warm backdrop behind the Great Pyramids at sunset. On his way, he freeruns through a series of Cairos most iconic locations including the Saladin Citadel, Khan El Khalili, and of course, the Nile. 

Dominic, who had a background in ballet and figure skating, first started freerunning in 2007 after he quit his full-time job as a garbage man. He trains with Crew 42 in Sydney, where hes based, and joined Team Farang in 2016; he has been blowing our minds with his online videos ever since. And finally, we get to see one of these brilliant videos of his in our homeland, the ancient land of Egypt. 

Red Bulls video, featuring Domtomato, is another great attempt to highlight Egypt as a travel destination on the map. Watch the video and tell us what you think.