Travelling soon and not so keen on the idea of staying at a hotel just yet? Or are you looking for more upscale accommodation options to compensate for the months you spent cooped up in your home? Maybe you’d like to rent out your holiday home? Well, either way, the answer is VESTA Hospitality.

VESTA is the first-ever hospitality platform that provides luxury serviced rentals in Egypt. It offers you the perfect lodging combo; imagine feeling like you’re vacationing at the comfort of your own home while still getting to enjoy the lush hotel services! 

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So far, you can find a wide variety of premium choices in Sahel, El Gouna, and Soma Bay. Rentals ranging from luxury apartments to villas, perfect for big groups, are available on VESTA’s user-friendly website.

How about renting out your own place? Well, VESTA also offers property owners multiple value-added benefits. Not to mention that the platform guarantees security and profitability, making it a great choice to consider, especially if you want a hassle-free process away from brokers.

Check out VESTA’s official website for more information.