It’s that time of the year again, the one where we have to rack our brains and squeeze out every bit of love we can muster, so that we can pick the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones. Now, before you start buying socks and sweaters, give this guide a look and maybe, just maybe, this Christmas you’ll receive more than a forced thank you for your efforts!

Pet owners


Before you start freaking out about what to buy, ask yourself this: do they own a pet? If it’s a yes, then you have plenty of ideas to pick and choose from: from sweaters for cats and dogs (since the weather is currently freezing), to pet accessories such as leashes and bowls. And, since we all know how strongly attached our friends are to their pets, you might as well get them a GPS tracker.

Readers and writers


If your friend is an avid reader, then you can go crazy with book shopping (book collections of their favourite author is a highly welcomed idea). If one of their interests is writing, then notebooks are your go-to. Also, there are some shops in Cairo that sell awesome typewriters (pay an online auction house called Le Garage a visit), pretty expensive but it is the best gift you can get a writer.

Also if you want to add a personal twist to your gift, you could resort to custom-made notebook covers (Go Nuts, Freaks), and tailor it to your loved one’s favourite author or artist.

You can also grab them an agenda set from Mofakera or Daftar.



For musicians and music lovers out there, there are a variety of gifts you could get. Instrument spare parts, for one (guitar picks and strings, drumsticks, etc.), or audiophile headphones (pretty expensive but also on point). To elaborate on the headphones, there are a variety of brands out there, but most of the good ones are unfortunately not in Egypt. So, unless you have someone travelling or you have extra cash you don’t mind spending, there are the Shure SE215 and Bose QC35 (both available at Audio Technology store); Audio Technica ATH M50x (available at One Roof Store); and Sennheiser HD 800 (not available in Egypt, but you can get it through Amazon, or have Hitchhiker as your courier to bring down taxes and import duties). And of course, there are always vinyl records, you can get them from Le Garage. Enough said.  



Now don’t let the title mislead you, they needn’t be professional athletes. If working out is a huge part of your secret Santa’s lifestyle, you could get them sportswear. There’s an Egyptian brand called Sigma Fit, which sell awesome sportswear at affordable prices. There are also supplements, if they’re bulking freaks. Also, you might as well get them some extra weights for home practice.

And you should know you always have the option to get them Mo Salah’s Liverpool shirt, even if football isn’t their THING, we’re talking Mo Salah, people!



Let’s face it, we all know a gamer or two. That is, of course, if you’re not one already. And for Christmas, we thought accessories, such as mechanical triggers for phones (something only gaming enthusiasts will understand). These triggers can be used for games where there are so many controls, it is difficult to operate with just two fingers, and you can find them at iMedia stores (best for PUBG).

You could also get them PUBG keychains and bracelets from PUBG Accessories Egypt, that is if they love it with all their heart. Or buy them the PS4/PC/XBOX version of the game. We know it is ridiculous that all we talk of is PUBG, but meh, are there any other good games out there, for reals?



If your secret Santa captures beautiful moments, then perhaps your gift could be the macro/wide/telephoto lenses for mobile phones, or UV filters if they use a professional camera. Both options are very affordable, considering buying an actual DSLR lens or a camera is pretty much out of reach for most of us.

However, if you want, get them a lens. Get them the 50mm F1.8 lens, as it is the most affordable of the bunch. Just make sure they don’t already have it (they probably do), and get them the lens that corresponds with the brand of their camera (i.e: Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc…). All of the items are available at Shams Stores, Kareem Stores, King Digital and Shutter Shop.



One word (actually two), art supplies; take a trip to an arts and crafts shop, and get as many art supplies as your heart desires! Just make sure you’ve got the dollars, because it is gonna be hellish expensive.

Drinks & Parties


If they are this type of person, you could always invite them to an awesome Christmas party at Cairo Jazz club or get them a bottle of Ayam Wine/Devlin Whisky/Blue 40’s (Glow On) Limited Edition.  

And finally, for extremely sentimental people, we recommend a handmade gift. For instance, a scrapbook made with sweat, tears, and more importantly, love. Remember the thing about Christmas gifts, is that they’re all about love!

Merry Christmas!


By Dina Khafagy