It seems that Uber knows that Egyptians love food, so they decided to bring us a delivery app that brings food right to our doorstep. They call it Uber Eats, it will be collaborating with 100 restaurants around Cairo, and you can either download the app or head to their website and just place your order.

Uber Eats is actually doing well in over 200 cities and has partnered up with 80,000 restaurants. We are still not quite sure, however, about how Uber Eats will perform in Egypt; while we understand the success of Uber Eats in cities and countries where food delivery is a groundbreaking concept, we do not understand how it will fare in a market where everyone offering a service and/or product already delivers! That being said, we’re excited to see it in action. The service is currently available for Downtown, Dokki and Agouza residents only.

By Sara Mosharef