While we know your fancy butt only ever got on a Tuk Tuk because it is an absolutely exotic, adventurous and “oh my god, this is so much fun” kind of experience, the 3 wheel drive that could flip at any hard turn is getting licensed by the government.

Egypt Independent reported that the Minister of Local Development, Mahmoud Shaarawy, said that they will have established routes between villages and in unplanned areas only.

Shaarawy added that they “shouldn’t operate in planned urban areas, main roads or between cities.”

All of this came in a letter addressed to the governors, which asked them to remove the regulations that did not allow the licensing of Tuk Tuks. Egypt Independent added that the letter also asked the governors to tally the number of licensed Tuk Tuks vehicles in their respective vicinities.

By Adel M. Fakhry

Cover by HiveMiner