Image credit: Los Angeles Times

Life moves fast and often gets away from us. Whether it be familial responsibilities, academia, or the eternal struggle to find the balance between work and a social life – all of us are left to steal brief moments of peace at one time or another. Here are five applications to counteract the stress that accumulates in our daily lives. 


Headspace: Meditation & Sleep ​​

If you struggle with handling stress or anxiety, a reasonable place to start may be implementing meditation into your daily schedule. The Headspace app offers exercises to relieve stress, stay active, ease the nightly transition into sleep, and much more. With graphics and concepts that make it accessible to children, Headspace may be perfect for improving individual and even family mindfulness practices. 

Insight Timer - Meditation, Sleep, Music 

While a similar concept to the former, Insight Timer may be a more suitable platform for some participants. With guided meditations, soundtracks, seminars, and a meditation timer, this application relies more on listening and offers stories and speeches voiced by celebrities and motivational speakers. If you desire a social component, Insight Timer provides a space for session reviews and the ability to join groups as well. 


Mental Health & Mindfulness 

If you want an easy habit to pick up, the Mental Health and Mindfulness application provides the space and system for developing a method of daily reflection. This application allows you to practice mindful journaling while it tracks your journey. Features include daily affirmations and quotes, an emotion log, and mindful exercises.


Pixel Art: Color by Number

If you are seeking a simple, mindless activity to relax and unwind, Pixel Art may be perfect. A take on paint by number, feel free to colour without worrying about what to draw or which colours to use because the app does it for you! With thousands of images to choose from and the option to pixelate and colour your own photos, Pixel Art offers an artsy activity without the need to use any extra brainpower. 

Cold Therapy

The Wim Hof Method - Making you strong, healthy, and happy 

If you’re looking for ways to shake up your daily routine, following the method of Dutch motivational speaker, “The Iceman” may be exactly what you need. Built on a foundation of breathing, cold therapy, and commitment, Wim Hof offers activities and exercises to increase energy, minimise stress, improve sleeping habits, and even strengthen the immune system. Improve your own self-awareness through disciplined practices that include techniques to maximise oxygen intake and trigger origin functions of the body.