There’s nothing quite like an ice-cold Coca-Cola; but have you ever taken that first bubbly, crisp, sharp sip and wondered: this is great, but what I really need right now is some kind of selfie-stick-like device?

No? Are you sure? Well, whatever the case, Coca-Cola’s has filled a hole where there wasn’t one with a quirky new promotion. When you buy 300ml or 800Mml bottle, you’ll get a special selfie-cap that you can fix on to the bottle, before fixing on your phone and capturing your precious, Coca-Cola-infused summer moments.

It’s set to be the hottest new trend in the world of bottle accessories and, with us being slap-bang in the middle of Sahel Season, don’t you dare be seen with a selfie-stick. Yuck .That’s so last year.

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By Kalam El Qahaira