It's T minus 10 days till Ramadan, and people are... Freaking. Out. While everyone is off buying all the macaroni and rice left in the shops, we're over here freaking out about something a little more 'gossip-worthy'.
After speaking to a number of production studios and anonymous sources, we've discovered just how much these seven acclaimed actors earned for their work on this year's Ramadan Series. 
Some figures were pretty much a given, but others may surprise you..... 


Adel Emam

Earnings: 45 million EGP

Series: 3afareet 3adly 3allam

Channel: MBC & MBC Masr


Ahmed El-Sakka

Earnings: 40 million EGP

Series: Al-7osan Al-Eswed

Channel: MBC Masr


Karim Abdulaziz

Earnings:  38 million EGP

Series: Al-Zibaq

Channel: On E & Abu Dhabi TV


Haifa Wehbe

Earnings: 2 million USD

Series: Al-7erbaya

Channel: CBC & Al-Nahar


Ghada Abdel Razek

Earnings: 30 million EGP

Series: 2ard Gaw

Channel: On E


 Mohamed Fouad

Earnings: 30 million EGP

Series: Al-Daher

Channel: On E


Youssef El-Sherif

Earnings: 25 million EGP

Series: Kafr Delhab

Channel: On E


Do these figures seem justified to you? There's only one way to find out: binge-watch those series! 


By Salma Anderson