There has been so much mental and physical effort put in by Mo Salah in order for him to reach the place he is today. Countless hours of bus/train rides for long tiresome years, countless sleepless nights and many matches spent on the bench feeling underappreciated, and so on and so forth. Indeed, it would be an understatement to consider his attitude anything but valiant in the face of his tribulations. He has been more than words have the capacity to highlight or describe. In the UCL final, it broke 100 million Egyptians’ hearts to see him walk away with tearful eyes that echoed years of relentlessness, without getting enough of a chance to finally make himself, his family, and everyone proud.

However, Mo Salah has shouldered our aspirations for him over the past months with an iron-clad will. He has stomped on every challenge and has risen to stardom in our hearts. It is time we “shoulder” his injury and pray for his speedy recovery. As we wait for that to happen we will show you just how much Egyptians value Welad el Balad (i.e. their countrymen). We will show Ramos that he won the match, but he has definitely lost the people.

This is how it all started. One focused on the game, the other focused on Mo Salah.

Before the match


After the sustained injury, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen comforting Mo Salah. However, this may have not been how Ronaldo initially felt towards Salah. Watch the gif. Judge yourself.

Just in case you have a, let us say, point, as to the incident not being intentional, here is an almost 360 degree view of the whole tussle. See it, cry about Mo Salah and pray for the almighty’s vengeance.

Look at Ramos dragging Mo’s arm with him, disabling Mo’s natural reflexes to correct his position. So he falls on his shoulder like a phone falling on an asphalt and snaps! If that doesn’t look intentional, we don’t know what does.


The guy does not feel a shred of guilt. The only way you could laugh like this is if you are the Joker or if you have no conscience and would do anything to get what you want. Actually, Ramos is one of those players who gets lots of red cards! So why is he still on the pitch?

Egyptians react on the streets after the injury was sustained

Egyptians reactions on Facebook after Mo Salah Left the pitch

Enta gowa hena mafesh 2alb, enta hena fy 3elbt 5*** mosaf7a.

Now this is how every single Egyptian felt during the match.

E27na tab3een wesho 3ala le7efa!

Salah’s injury scene is the hardest thing (I) have had to watch after Mufasa’s death in Lion King

Oh boy...

Let us pee on his face

Ramsis Microbus to Real Madrid

Ramos’s Phone Number

Ramos’s Home

Estnany b3d ma el madrasa t5ls ya sa7by

The Queen of Egyptian Instagram herself Foffa, had a message for Ramos.

 Fullscreen capture 5272018 31517 PM

Well, ‘nough said.

Buy him with your money Naguib Sawiris


This hashtag is trending everywhere now. Most probably the creation of an Egyptian, and Liverpool shared a post saying it is no.1 in Egypt.

Playstation Revenge

Liverpool’s support

Mo Salah’s Coach Support

Very heartbreaking...

 We end it with a Duaa


By Adel M. Fakhry