With the continuous evolution of technology, new features and specs are popping up every day in the smartphone world. Unfortunately, smartphones are becoming a less affordable necessity these days. That’s why we’re always in a quest to find affordable, practical, and innovative solutions for you. And after scouring for hidden gems in the smartphone world, we couldn’t help but share with you our latest finding; the brand new Infinix S4.

Believe it or not, Infinix has been around since 2013; however, the premium smartphone brand is an online-driven one. The brand constantly tries to be at the forefront of the groundbreaking breakthroughs in the tech field. Thus, as an attempt to empower its consumers, Infinix has introduced 32 MP AI selfie camera, taking the selfie scene to a whole new level. In addition to this, the phone boasts 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, making Infinix exceptionally unique. So, if you’re a selfie queen, an aspiring photographer in the making, or you value your Instagram presence, this product’s definitely for you.

With its 1.6 um ultra pixels and F2.0 aperture, the camera positions you right under the spotlight. The given high capacity of light absorption offers you optimum results when it comes to depth of field and vivid photos. Not to mention that the smartphone’s equipped with an advanced Samsung S5KGD1 sensor and a 5P optical lens, resulting in contrast and resolution that are on point.

In addition to that, the triple 13MP+8MP+2MP rear camera; responsible for depth, distance, and field of view, respectively, is a definite plus. Say hello to wider angles and 120°shots! As for the design, that’s definitely the cherry on top! With a glossy dual glass-like design, the S4 screams royalty and poise; you’ll hardly believe it falls under the mid-end category.

Infinix hasn’t missed practicality though, and because empowerment isn’t possible without reliable power, battery power is quite impressive. In addition to the 4000 mAh battery, Infinix has incorporated a smart power management system that helps optimise power utilisation. How? That’s made possible by automatically inducing inactive status for apps that aren’t in use. Such an impressive move towards a greener environment. Kudos for this one, Infinix!