Do you know what the worst feeling in the world is? No, we are not talking about your little broken heart, we’re talking about the sight you give all of us watching while you’re peeing in every corner of Cairo’s streets, the Nile, a bottle, etc... But, this is all going to change! First you have to believe us and understand that we’re not making fun of you (we actually are) and we’re not playing games.

Maznoq (just say it one more time with Henedy’s voice, please) is a new app that will help you all pee in the nearest place to you that has a toilet.

For now, the app is still being tested, but you can register with your email here to receive beta access to the app once it is released. The app will be launched first on Android’s Play Store (suck it Apple users). All you have to do for now is insert your email to register, and once you have a bladder the size of an apple (wink, wink) when they launch, they will find you the nearest cubicle. 

Honestly, we find this app to be one of the most helpful and usable apps of all time. We’ve all been so desperately in need of peeing before, but never found the right place, and we’re not talking about you nasty street pee-ers. We think, however, filters for hygiene levels are crucial to one smooth poop; maybe toilet paper too and working shatafa, you know stuff like that.

By Sara Mosharef