Yesterday,Mohamed Salah stated, on his Facebook account, that “the EFA should be solving every player’s problem, and that this is not what they’re doing with him.” Salah further added that the EFA has “ignored letters sent by his lawyer.”


Later, a press release containing the signature of the Chairperson of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) was published. The press release stated that “the EFA is not responsible for handling the player’s lawsuits and legal issues, and that his lawyer should be contacting the relevant bodies.”


It added that Mo Salah’s case will be transferred to the EFA’s Disciplinary Board for his “violation of the code of discipline.” The case was made under the umbrella of “spreading false information with the intention of gaining publicity,and with the aim of defaming a governmental organization (the EFA).”

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Today, the EFA stated on its website that the press release published is a fake one, and that “media outlets should be using statements issued only by the official media channels of the EFA.” The EFA added that they “respect their players, and that they will be meeting to discuss the player’s demands as long as they are in line with the EFA’s regulations and guidelines.”

By Sara Mosharef