Sunsets are always soothing in their nature. The most romantic scenes are always shot with a sunset in the backdrop. We usually witness the beautiful phenomenon on our way home, and sometimes decide to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Yesterday, Cairo’s sky was a bit more special than the usual; it was not like any other sunset. Its fiery glow was different from what we’re used to seeing, a lot more red. Putting aside the fact that it was beautiful to see, do you know the reason behind that bloody shade? Believe it or not, according to Masrawy, this mesmerising sunset was actually a result of significant quantities of dust in the atmosphere! Shocking, right?

Not knowing the reasons behind the spectacular colours, people were impressed at this magnificent sight and took shots of it. We gathered the best ones for you below.



Via Khaledsunset Via Khaledsunset Via Jeje Sheblsunset Via Omar Saidsunset Via Khaled Abd Elghany