Living in a city that understands that each individual is special in their own way, is like being embraced by the ultimate protector, caretaker, love-giver, motivator and guider. The larger the city’s embrace is, the stronger you get attached to it. Your story is soon carved into its pavements and buildings; and your footprints stay in its fresh concrete.

Every part of your city soon starts spurring up nostalgia; from your very first salary, to your first independently bought T-shirt, to your wedding ceremony, to your child’s first step, all the way up to your child’s graduation. A city is home to a number of firsts, a couple of farewells, and a host of narratives.

This is especially true if you live, work or visit Cairo Festival City, where life is layered upon an offering of the best residential housing units, a fully operating Southern Business District; an under-construction Northern Business Park; and, finally, a Mall and luxurious & business hotels. All of this, and much more, ensures that Cairo Festival City has something in store for every chapter of your story.