Summer has arrived in Egypt and with it comes a whole season of sun, sea and sand. But these days, there’s a fourth ‘S’ – selfies.

Yes, like it or not, your social media feeds will be awash with largely awkward attempts to squeeze five people into one selfie. But worry not, because Oppo has found the solution and invented the…*drumroll*… GROUPFIE.

The brand-spanking new F3 is the peak of Oppo’s mission to bring better quality self-photography to the masses and this latest piece of technological wizardry works with a dual front camera to give you a wider frame to catch you and your crew. Just as significant, however, is that it can hopefully bring to rest this most abysmal of trends called the selfie-stick. Seriously, stop it guys – it looks silly.


But we digress. The F3 is just the latest in a string of innovative smartphones from Oppo, which has subsequently gathered quite the fan-base in Egypt over the last 18 months. But the F3 is more than just a glorified groupfie-getter. It’s also equipped with a critically-acclaimed 13MP rear camera with 1/3 inch sensor and a F2.0 aperture that ensures your shots are crisper, clearer and just plain better – even in every selfie connoisseur’s worst nightmare: low-light. Eek! In addition, the F3’stailor-made 6P lens module lets the user have control over the path of light, potential image distortion and clarity, all powered by 4GM RAM and64GB ROM.

The real dazzler of this technological tapestry, however, is the dual front camera. Using two cameras – one 16MP and one 8MP, which gives selfie fans aa double view group selfie camera– to ensure that you can fit your whole crew into one photo. You don’t even have to do anything to switch the feature on – smart facial recognition software senses when there are three or more faces in the shot and switches to ‘Groupfie’ mode automatically.

That’s the hardware; in terms of software, the F3 is also geared towards offering maximum picture quality with features like the Beatify 4.0 plugin which can give you even smoother and clearer photos, while exclusive customised pre-filters let you get a little experimental with your works of art. Throw in a rather fetching matte gold uni-body structure and an ultra-fine black antenna and you have one of the year’s hottest phones.

For more information on the F3 and the global phenomenon in-the-making that is groupfie, check out Oppo on Facebook.

By Kalam El Qahaira