Egypt’s Godfather of Trap is back! After almost a year-long hiatus, Marwan Pablo will be performing live at Al Manara Arena on the 1st of October, so mark your calendars and get ready for an electrifying night of rap galore. Pablo will be performing along with three Palestinian rappers: Shabjdeed, Al Nather, and Daboor.

Pablo, whose real name is Marwan Metaweh, contributed immensely to redefining the new school hip-hop and trap game in Egypt, changing it from underground to mainstream by creating masterpieces like Ghaba, El Gemeza, and Sindbad. He started singing in 2015 under the name “Dama”. After becoming successful, he decided to delete most of his work and introduce his new character under the name “Marwan Pablo”, inspired by the renowned Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso.

Despite topping the charts and trending all across the region, Pablo announced his retirement in March 2020 to the shock of his millions of fans, citing personal reasons. He then wiped his YouTube channel clean, which had over 300,000 subscribers, but it didn’t take him long to start trending in Egypt as he returned to the music scene almost 11 months later by releasing his latest album CTRL. He has now tripled his following to reach nearly a million subscribers on YouTube and 785,000 followers on Instagram.

Make sure not to miss Pablo’s glorious comeback and book your tickets here. Prices range from 300 LE to 750 LE.