Ex-professional footballer, former investment banker, Rutgers University alumni and founder of BeFit; Aly Mazhar’s CV is pretty unique. The latter of his achievements has taken Cairo by storm, providing information, support and programs for Egypt’s health conscious.

We sat down with Mazhar to talk about BeFit, my personal body image issues and wildlife.

For those unfamiliar with it, what does BeFit offer to health-conscious Cairenes?

We try to cover all bases; as well as group exercise fitness classes and customised personal training programs, BeFit also offers nutrition plans based on prescribed targets and online health and fitness advice through our email, Facebook and Twitter accounts. We also offer corporate training programs and customised sports conditioning programs for professional athletes.

Outstanding. Here’s a clichéd question, somewhat; what inspired you to start BeFit?

The need and lack of credible sources of information for the health conscious people in Egypt. Like any other industry, our biggest challenge is educated service providers and people who really know what they are doing.