A video went viral recently featuring Syrian YouTubers claiming to have thrown a gender-reveal ceremony at the Pyramids, but it all turned to be a lie. Here’s what really happened…

A Syrian YouTuber named Siamand posted a video with his wife Shahad on their channel of a gender reveal party they claimed they held at the Pyramids. Titled “First gender-reveal at the Pyramids”, in the video, you can see the married couple with the backdrop of the Pyramids, lit in blue for the reveal, announcing that it’s a baby boy.

According to what the couple stated in the video, the party was planned, and they were looking forward to being the first couple ever to host a gender reveal event at the Pyramids. However, after sparking controversy, a government official spoke up and refuted the news. The official denied their statement and said that the Pyramids lighting could have been for another event, and it was merely a coincidence.

Head of the Sound and Light Company, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, said that no private parties are allowed on the premises of the Pyramids. According to Sky News Arabia, the Pyramids were lit in blue and orange for World Liver Day to celebrate the elimination of Hepatitis C in Egypt, and that the couple allegedly took advantage of this occasion to film their video. According to Abdel Aziz’s statements, legal action will be taken against the couple in agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.