Featured image via Pandas International

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, many pet owners started freaking out about the possibility that their little ones might transfer the virus. As a result of lack of knowledge and ignorance, some people abandoned their own pets. It should be noted that the World Health Organization said that, so far, there’s no evidence that animals can transmit the disease. 

Consequently, the hashtag #stay_safe_with_me broke the internet, conveying a powerful message from loyal pet owners. People started this online challenge to spread awareness and fight the vicious rumours.

These poor cats and dogs are supposed to be family. How can owners ruthlessly leave them on the street? Please, pretty please, before getting a pet, understand that it’s just like having a baby; it’s a major life decision. To you, they might be just an animal, but to it, you’re its entire life. 

If you’re scared for your pet’s health, then basic hygiene like giving them a bath or making sure they don’t eat anything off the ground (which are pretty basic things you should be doing anyway) will do the trick. On the other hand, if you’re only scared for yourself, then we’re not sure what to tell you.