With the clock ticking for the AFCON 2019, everyone’s all excited to cheer for our Egyptian national team. While many will be watching at home, at local coffee shops, or other hot spots around the country, thousands will be flocking to stadiums for a more lively experience. That’s why it’s important to raise awareness about appropriate behaviour one must adopt at a stadium.


Bring water and munchies

Even though you’ll come across sellers there, you’ve got to stay on the safe side and bring your own water and munchies. Stay hydrated and don’t let your blood sugar levels fall. 

Go to the bathroom beforehand

No matter how often bathrooms are cleaned, there are thousands of people at the stadium. It’s quite impossible to maintain a hygienic toilet seat. And if you have a small bladder, then drink enough water to stay hydrated but not too much that you really need to go.

Wear sunscreen and a cap

People go hours in advance and you’ll be standing in the sun for quite a long time.

Take a small messenger bag or wear pants with zippers

Better stay safe and keep your belongings minimal. Crowded areas are pretty tempting to pickpockets, you never know.

Book your ride earlier

Traffic will be horrible. Avoid taking your cars and use public transportation or ride-hailing apps. And if you’re booking a ride, better do it earlier because phone networks might fail you at the time.

Bring your own first-aid kit

An ambulance and a rescue team should be available, but still, better be safe than sorry.

Celebrate either way

Whether we win or lose, take advantage of the good vibes and team spirit and go out on the streets anyway. On such occasions, people who fight in morning traffic jams are the same ones who sing and dance together after matches.


Don’t push

Just don’t. Really, there’s no excuse to push others; the match will start on time anyway. Respect queues and don’t be savage.

Don’t block the view with banners or flags

Everyone came to watch the match. Period. Hold flags and banners as you wish but don’t block the view for those sitting behind you. Let’s all cheer TOGETHER and in PEACE!

Don’t take an expensive power bank

Sometimes, power banks can be confiscated by security guards. Of course, you don’t want to run out of battery, but you also don’t want to end up burying it outside! For the best of both worlds, get a power bank that you won’t feel sorry if it gets taken from you, charge your phone in advance, and stick to minimal use.

Don’t scream in others’ ears

No one likes a noisy neighbour. We all love cheering for our national team and favourite player, but there’s a fine line between cheering and screaming. Stay loud and excited, but don’t make others go deaf. 

Don’t practice hate speech

You have no excuse to offend anyone whatsoever. Be it a player you’re blaming for not playing well, the opposing team players, or the opponent’s fans. We’re in the 21st century, grow up.

Don’t bring flammable materials

We’ll all shower in advance, presumably, and we’ll definitely need another shower afterwards. However, a deodorant or spray could be considered unsafe. As long as some people still burn flammables, others won’t be able to stay fresh. 

Don’t smoke during the match

No matter how much you’re craving nicotine, don’t smoke in the seating area. Just don’t. Only smoke outside or in designated smoking areas.


By Nadine Arab