Since its acquisition by Amazon, popular United Arab Emirates-based e-commerce platform Souq has grown steadily over the past year. On May 1st, 2019, Amazon gave a complete makeover and rebranded the website, into

 “We are proud to announce that we are now,” Amazon wrote in a letter posted on the new Middle East marketplace.

Until now, Amazon’s only presence in the Middle Eastern region was through Souq, which it acquired in 2017. The Souq brand is still operating in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, however, the rebranding movement is scheduled to take place in Egypt next year, becoming

In the same letter announcing the launch, Souq’s co-founder Ronaldo Mouchawar wrote that Amazon’s new Middle East service will sell over 30 million products, “including those available on Souq and five million products from Amazon US.” In addition to some special Ramadan offers, he also mentioned it will offer the option of shopping in Arabic for the first time.


By Dina Khafagy