Since the clock is ticking away 2018’s last remaining minutes, we decided to stray away from the usual flow. We turned our ears away from the usual gossip around this time of year about the shit we hated, and instead, we added a lighter filter to point out the things we liked. We solemnly chose to focus and shift our perspectives to a lighter shade of nostalgia. Here are all the 2018 fashion trends that weren’t a pain to look at!

1. Thin-framed sunglasses


Okay, so probably not all of our faces fit the whole thin-framed sunglasses trend, but let’s not pretend we hated it. We honestly loved it on Beyoncé.  

2. Bags so small they don’t really fit anything


Now we don’t understand who wanted to torture women by having them pay extensively for pretty tiny bags that won’t fit a quarter of their shit, but the epidemic managed to last for a while and we like it!

3. Bell sleeves and off-shoulder style


Off-shoulder style and bell-sleeved blouses were “in” this summer, you’ve probably seen them worn gracefully by all the ladies!

4. Mom jeans, and boot-cut jeans


We’re not saying that they only just came out in 2018, but let’s all admit we enjoyed their comeback in 2018. Raise your hands if you’re glad jeans exist!

5. Yellow


Inspired by Beyonce’s hit song ‘Hold up’, the colour yellow flooded our lives this past spring. And honestly, we loved it. Maybe it will sneak its way into 2019, who knows?!

6. Socks


Let’s all admit there was a sock frenzy going on in 2018, where everyone started purchasing long, super-colourful socks and showing them off with shorts. Not complaining here, there were actually pretty cool patterns we came across like Disney characters or Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


By Dina Khafagy