If youve been keeping an eye on the stunning red carpet looks El Gouna Film Festival has been showering us with, then you probably saw Rosaline ElBays dress from last night. The rising star walked the Cinema in Concert red carpet in a gracious swan-like dress that, in fact, was made for a great cause. 

Egyptian fashion designer Mohanad Kojak and Up-Fuse, the brand known for its eco-friendly products, came together to bring this magnificent dress to life. As weve seen, feathers have been trendy for a while, yet celebrities went all-out for them this year. However, the ones Rosaline flaunted last night werent actual feathers; they were made of 200 plastic bags!

The two brands joined forces to shed light on two important causes. One is to turn single-use plastic into something permanently used, since plastic plans to stay on our planet for a while anyway. Secondly, to empower the Egyptian refugee women of Nilfurat, creating a work opportunity for them. Lastly, ElBay was just one loving celebrity who believed in their project and the greatness behind it.

We wanted to highlight a different aspect of fashion that is not only about the beautiful design and beautiful garments that people see, but can actually have a powerful impact and are for a good cause,Kojak said.

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The 25-year-old fashion designer is best known for his mind-blowing gowns, but more importantly, working so hard on the details. And probably, his attention to detail and extreme dedication are keys to his success from a very young age. On the other hand, Up-Fuse have always been there, recycling and repurposing plastic bags, then wowing us with the end result. So, neither of the brands is stranger to such an impressive project. Yet, this time, they definitely took things to a much higher level, raising our level of expectations, from them and other designers, even higher.