Egyptian-Canadian actor, comedian, and singer Mena Massoud, famous for his role in the 2019 Disney movie Aladdin, paid a visit to The Great Pyramids of Giza and The Sphinx on Wednesday the 13th of January. The star was accompanied by the Ministers of Tourism, Antiquities & Immigration, Nabila Makram, and Khaled Enany, with whom Massoud participated before in immigration initiatives.

The visit was part of a programme of tours of major Egyptian touristic attractions, and Massoud expressed his pride in belonging to such an ancient culture and stressed on the importance of promoting its touristic sites.

Mena Massoud was also the first ambassador of the presidential initiative “Etkalem Masry” (Speak Egyptian) to preserve Egyptian heritage and solidify Arab-Egyptian identity. He helped support the initiative with a recorded video in which he calls for Egyptians living abroad to speak their mother tongue and preserve their culture.

This was his third visit to the complex, and Massoud expressed his intention to revisit the pyramids whenever he’s in the country. According to the tourism minister, the young actor was also keen on listening to a detailed explanation of the construction of the pyramids and sphinx.