Without any doubt, Egypt is privileged with lots of splendid natural protectorates. Millions of people come from all over the world just to visit places like the Blue Hole or Abu Galum to enjoy their captivating beauty. But it seems like that’s coming with an extra fee from now on.

According to the Ministry of Environment, new entry fees will be applied for visitors of any of the natural protectorates in South Sinai and the Red Sea. For our nomadic readers, we dug deeper and here’s what we came up with.

The decision means that if you want to visit any of these places from 8 am to sunset you’d have to pay a fee of EGP 25. Children under the age of 7, however, will get in for free. Meanwhile, car entry fees will be EGP 25, while prices for vans are EGP 50.

As for foreigners, entry will be USD 5, but children under the age of 7 will also get in for free. As for car entry fee, it’s also USD 5, while vans are USD 10.

It should be noted that in case anyone wants to visit the protectorates after sunset, the fees will be doubled. The natural protectorates include the Northern Islands, El Gemal Valley, Elba, Nabq, Ras Mohamed, Taba, Abu Galum, and Saint Catherine.

This will start being implemented in November 2019. However, it is already being applied at the Blue Hole, the Northern Islands, and Abu Galum as of the 10th of August.