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Although Egyptian culture is quite diverse and with a significant immigrant presence, racism still plagues Egyptian society. Still deeply rooted, the racism that Egyptians perpetuate has got so prevalent, and no one should stay silent anymore.


So, even though it’s 2022, we still need to discuss racism in Egyptian society, so let’s do this right here.


The way Egyptians deal with racism

The thing about racism in Egypt is that everyone knows it’s wrong, though no one seems to want to stop it. Some Egyptians tell racist jokes, while others hurl casual racism at tourists and citizens when passing them on the street.


Even worse, the people hurling these racist words get overly defensive over their right to ‘free speech’ and say that people are making ‘huge deals out of nothing’, eliminating the chance for meaningful conversations to happen. It also puts people who have been discriminated against on the spot as they’re usually pushed to laugh it off or have to explain why racism and microaggressions are wrong.

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Why do we need to change?

The answer to this question is simple: Because we’re human. And that’s why we shouldn’t let people get away with racism. No one should allow hate speech or actions or words that help it flourish to continue happening in private or public.

What we should do instead is embrace those people. We should make them feel at home and not say intentionally harmful words.


Think about the impact your words will have on someone before you say them. As much as we want to say even more, we can only advise them to be better versions of themselves at this point.

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