Memorising dates, celebrating anniversaries, and keeping souvenirs are how we stay connected to a precious memory. And what is better than holding on to what once drew a smile on our face?

For us at Cairo Gossip, Wednesday 20th of March marks a very special date. It’s our big sister’s, aka Cairo 360, birthday! Yes, you read that right Cairenes; our big sister has indeed grown to become The Ultimate Guide to Living in the Capital! While we personally know that the folks at Cairo 360 are much more serious than us (we like to think of ourselves as the younger and more rebellious sister), these guys do know how to throw a swanky celebration and fabulous shindig fitting of their name.

Naturally, Cairo 360’s 9th birthday is cause for celebration. And where better to do it than at our second home, Cairo Jazz Club? As for the music, the man with all the djunk will be up on the decks, spinning the freshest, grooviest hip-hop and R&B hits; we’re talking Ramy DJunkie, people!   

So let’s raise a glass to nine awesome years of Cairo 360!

Now, here is a little throwback to last year's anniversary, to get you as hyped up as we are!



By Dina Khafagy