Yesterday, Menna Gubran filmed a man whom she claimed to have been “harassing” her, and she uploaded the video on Facebook, which went viral in a matter of hours. 

The video that showed his face and car plate clearly, quickly garnered over 800k views, and support from women who sent her messages. Also, some men have commended her on her stance, like Sherif Madkour.

Later, she posted another video of someone else harassing her on what appears to be the same street in Tagmo3. However, for unknown reasons the second video was deleted.

Almost 9 hours after the incident, the guy from the first video, Mahmoud Soliman, posted a recording of himself explaining how it all went down, leaving room to doubt his position for some.

We are still waiting for Gubrans’ comments.

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Unfortunately, all videos we've wanted to show you have been removed by both of them!