On her birthday, we’d like to acknowledge Sherihan as an icon of beauty, courage, strength, and exceptional talent. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed with her being missing in action. She still captures our hearts every time we watch one of her movies or an episode of her famed Fawazeer.

Egyptian beauty queen Sherihan is considered one of the most prominent stars in Egypt and the Arab world. Her name is a trademark, especially when it comes to Fawazeer Ramdan. Not to mention that her films and plays will live on forever among the most influential films in the history of Arab cinema.

Besides being a great actress and performer, Sherihan is a positive, cheerful, and delightful person who inspires a lot of people. That’s why we took a look back at her life to remember all the times Sherihan pumped us with positivity.

#1 Sherihan’s Fawazeer is not only a work of art, but it’s considered an iconic element of the good ol’ Ramadan spirit. That’s why TV channels are still airing her Fawazeer to this day.

#2 In 2002, Sherihan was diagnosed with one of the worst forms of cancer, the salivary gland cancer, which usually affects only one in 10 million people. She travelled to France and underwent an 18-hour operation to remove the tumour. Then, she endured many more procedures that reached a total of nearly 100, due to the side effects on her face. Sherihan eventually managed to defeat the near-fatal disease; she’s a cancer fighter and survivor who inspired us all with her determination, strong will, and strength.

#3 Her brilliant performance when she played Salwa in Khaly Balk mn 3a2lk alongside the legendary superstar Adel Emam. Instead of fearing the legend, her acting was as it is, filled with lightness and spontaneity. She also amazed us with her sense of humour on stage in front of two giants: Fouad El Mohandes, in Sok 3ala Banatk and 3alashan Khater 3eyounik; and Farid Shawky in Share3 Mohamed Ali.