There’s always someone for everything in every gang; there’s the drama queen, the air-head, the smarty pants, the joker, you name it. But one person that’s always there is the control freak. Take Friends’ famed Monica Geller for example; she’s the control freak of all control freaks. Now you’re probably wondering whether or not you’re a Monica. Well, there’s only one way to figure it out; the more you check off the below, the more of a Monica you are.

P.S: Monica has a lot of great traits too. Plus, her controlling traits actually came in handy sometimes. Don’t forget that!

You obviously have OCD

Ask yourself, do you like everything in its place? Are you a neat freak? If a misplaced ottoman or Rachel’s shoe being left in the middle of the living room are things that bother you, then you’re definitely a Monica. 

You’re a perfectionist

Reality check! Nobody’s perfect, and nothing’s perfect. But in Monica’s head? Everything should be perfect and on point. Are you that person?

You’re an obsessive planner

This kind of goes down with the perfectionism trait. We mean, if you like to perfect every single detail, then you should be planning it all (obsessively).

You actually like rules

If you’re a Monica, then you probably follow the rules, make the rules, and even make rules for rules. Does that even make any sense to you? If it does, then you do like taking control.

You think you know it all

Do you think you know best? Well, sorry to break it to you, but nobody really does. That just means you’re a control freak.

It’s always your way or the highway

Since you think you know it all, then you probably think everything’s better done your way. If you’re not flexible or open to others’ approaches and ideas, then it goes without saying, you’re a Monica!

You’re competitive

Competition runs in a control freak’s blood, and of course, they HAVE to win!

You’re the host/hostess

Always being the hostess kind of made Monica the centre of attention. It’s probably because gangs usually get together at the leader’s place. That doesn’t indicate that Monica was the leader or anything, but it gives a bossy feel. And that’s what probably pissed her off after the apartment switch.

So, what’s your Monica score?