Since November ended, and we’ve been rolling through December with Christmas and the new year on our minds, we find ourselves asking where the time went! Consequently, we decided to get ahead of the game and start talking yew year resolutions. Here are the most cliché ones that people make (and usually promptly break).

  1. Going to the gym

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Ok, so this one had to be the first. Honestly, how many times did you hear your friend seriously state that they’re going to start going to the gym as part of their new year resolutions? Yea, us too.

  1. Read more

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If you’ve never really been into reading, and the only books you’ve ever read were out of an academic obligation, then chances are you’re not going to turn into a bookworm overnight.

  1. Eat healthier

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If you don’t go to the gym that often, and your lifestyle isn’t really that health-oriented, we hate to be the ones telling you this, but there will be no fairy coming in the new year to bless you with the gift of eating healthy.

  1. Save money

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Let’s face it, our bank accounts and wallets are bound to look a little slim after going through Christmas purchases, and whatnot. So we all have our “I’m going to save more/spend less” moments, but unless we seriously get some self-discipline knocked into us, we’re just going to keep spending our money on useless shit, and spending the rest of the month and wondering why we didn’t save more!

  1. Get more sleep

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Remember that moment late at night when you reassure yourself that it’s okay to stay up a bit late, and that you’ll still manage to wake up on time the next morning? Well, if it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone!


These are all resolutions that will be beneficial to your life. But maybe try to find ways you can make them happen, since you really want and need their influence in your life. Because in the end, if we’re writing down resolutions, we might as well do them right!


By Dina Khafagy