As you probably know, Egyptian champs have been making us proud at the British Open Squash 2019; now it’s time for a round of applause for the winners. Nouran Gohar and Mohamed El Shorbagy were proudly named winners of the championship yesterday. We’re both honoured and excited for our dear champs as usual.

For Nouran to win the final, she had to beat world No.4 Camille Serme, while El Shorbagy had to overcome world No.1 Ali Farag.

Gohar, who’s world No.7, was very emotional about her win. “It means so much to me, especially because it is the British Open,” the winner said after lifting the title, according to Allam British Open 2019 reporters.

The 21-year old previously won the Hong Kong Open back in 2016; so a second win definitely made this mean much more to her. 

El Shorbagy, who’s world No.2, won this year’s British Open tournament, beating Ali Farag after 66 long, exhausting minutes. That makes El Shorbagy the first Egyptian athlete to win the championship three times in a row since Abdelfattah AbouTaleb’s third win back in 1966. 

Even though El Shorbagy has lost three of his four matches against Farag this season, he never gave up and kept fighting until the end. Both Farag and El Shorbagy show us what sportsmanship should really be.

“I have such respect for Ali, what he achieved this season is unbelievable. Our last match last season in Dubai, he told me that what I did last season was inspirational. This time, it’s my turn to say that what he has done this season was inspirational. Normally, winning the US Open, Hong Kong, and British Open in one season would be enough to keep me at No.1”, El Shorbagy said.

Gohar and El Shorbagy got to go home with a prize worth $22,800. Their names shall be forever making us proud.


By Yara Tarek