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Millennials have seen it all, haven’t they? Born right on time to watch technology develop in real-time, millennials were young enough to see the growth of the technological age as we know it today! They lived in a time when cell phones were a luxury as well as a time when they became a normal modern convenience. Because of the different cultural landscapes millennials grew up in, allow us to reminisce over the good old days and the gadgets that made us who we are today.

1-     Atari & Sega Console Games

Atari 2600 was millennials’ first experience with console games in the late ‘90s and it was quite the invention back then! We spent hours playing these video games until we wore them out and Sega became the new hit. Sega was a bit more popular as it had games like Sonic the Hedgehog that everyone couldn’t stop playing!

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2-     Walkman & MP3 Players

Sony Walkman changed the way people consumed music. It went on to become the must-have gadget in everyone’s home. it was truly a phenomenon that lasted for close to two decades, making you the coolest person until MP3 upped the ante for coolness! The MP3 was hyped up because of its small size and storage capacity, which reached up to 64 MB. Who thought this was possible at that time?

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3-     eBuddy & BBM

The eBuddy Chat was a mobile app that allowed us to sign into Facebook chat and Yahoo Messenger at the same time—a mind-blowing experience for everyone at that time! Blackberry users, on the other hand, were just over the moon with BBM, AKA Blackberry Messenger, which was an exclusive messaging platform for people with Blackberrys only. Obviously, no one knew about the iMessage revolution to come!

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4-     Nokia & Motorola Phones

The strongest phones to ever exist were either Nokias or Motorolas! Long before smartphones, we had those invincible cellphones, which had batteries that would last for days on end. Even when we played games like Snake all day and night! Some people still use these phones for work calls only, which is understandable as they’re very handy.

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5-     PC Games

How many times did you beg your parents to play The Sims before doing chores? Countless times, we’re sure! There were also games like Neighbours From Hell and Diner Dash that gave us anxiety at a really young age, but we just loved them. It is needless to say that Egyptians were also all over the GTA craze back in the day!

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