The young Egyptian fashion designer, Farah Wali, has recently won the Fashion Star Arabia title. This is the first time an Egyptian Designer has been crowned with this award. Wali was the youngest entrant, competing against people with way more experience, but this didn’t stop her from acheiving her goal.

Wali was born in Abu Dhabi, but moved back to Egypt with her family after six years. At a very young age, Wali found herself interested in nothing but clothing in the Egyptian culture. Hence, she found herself leaning more towards becoming an established fashion designer. At the age of sixteen, she travelled to Florence and studied fashion design.

This unique fashion designer has also won two international competitions: ISKO during her 4 years in Italy, and the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. If you’re a fashion addict you’ll understand how big these two competitions are.

The biggest deal, however, was when she was mentioned in Vogue Italia a couple of times. Vogue is everyone’s dream, and Wali has definitely reached it.

By Sara Mosharef