Aha, you got us! The cheeky so-and-sos at McDonald’s had us all thinking that they committed the gravest of mistakes in their new campaign, Ezbet Khairallah.

You see, in launching this campaign with the aim of supporting and developing the schools and nurseries in underprivileged areas, the McDonald’s donation boxes carried a message featuring several spelling mistakes.

But it all turns out that it was a clever rouse aiming to bring attention to the boxes – they’re even asking the offended on social media, “if it bothers you, change it.”

The initiative has gone viral, with social media users and influencers up-and-down the country quick to point it out; but the scheme serves a bigger concern for McDonald’s, who believe that donation boxes are easily ignored and that this has, as a first step, put the spotlight on them in the hope of a bigger reaction from Egyptians, whose donations will be channeled into education in addition to a percentage of all Happy Meal sales.

It’s a risk attempt to highlight one of the most pressing concerns in Egypt today that could have backfired spectacularly. But the play has been received will by thus far by social media users, who have thrown their support behind it using.

For more information on the Ezbet Khairallah, check out McDonald’s Egypt on Facebook.