If you want to get anywhere these days, you have no choice but to give yourself into the proverbial rat race; work, sleep, repeat has become many an Egyptian’s daily schedule. Modern life has discarded simple pleasures, but leading Egyptian real estate company, Inertia is reminding people to savor every small moment.

After releasing a string of enigmatic videos touching on everything from food, shopping and health, to travel, sports and technology, the clips all culminated in a big reveal – with a plot that we can all relate to.

The video follows the daily grind of a man whose career has slowly but surely taken him away from his family. What Inertia proposes is that you take the time to do the little things; take the time to sit with your family; take the time to follow your hobbies and passions; take the time to explore what life can be outside the confines of an office.

But why are they telling us this? Well, because in the last decade since it first launched, Inertia has taken this concept to heart and made it a building block for all of its projects – and you can see this in the design, service and ambiance in their developments, which are spread across Cairo, the Red Sea and the North Coast. While for most real estate developers, the pay-off is the physical villa or house, for Inertia it’s about the life and memories created there.

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