Looking for an alternative way to learn now that AUC’s tuition has reached an even more incredible level of expensive than before? Or perhaps you’re realising you’ve chosen the wrong major – in your senior year. Maybe you’re still in school, or even finished with your education altogether and just feel like learning a new skill? Whatever your motivation may be, there’s a way to do it online for FREE.
That’s right – here are five sites that offer free courses, from general topics like history and art to specific skills like coding, SEO and ecommerce. Let the (free) learning begin!

Khan Academy

Watch videos about random things like buying vs. renting a house, an overview of WWII and whether or not Mars is actually red, or sign up for a free self-paced course. All you have to do is sign up with your Facebook account or email and you’ll have access to tons of video lessons – including High-school-friendly subjects like pre-calculus, trigonometry and differential equations, as well as SAT, MCAT and GMAT exam prep.

Khan Academy even has a ‘coaching’ feature, so teachers can register their students as well and use the site’s range of ‘Common Core’ in-class and homework exercises.



Don’t have time for lengthy learning sessions? Sign up for a Highbrow course and five-minute lessons will be sent to your email daily. Unfortunately, unlike with Khan Academy, you can only take one at a time, however each course is only 10 days long, so you can choose a new one the following week if you like. The site has a wide variety of condensed content, from lessons on creating catchy content for Facebook, to SQL programming, to brain health.

The Open University

This site not only offers free online courses, but quizzes you on what you’ve learned. You can even receive a digital certificate upon completion! Not sure if you’re up for it? You can preview lesson material and what level it is (e.g. beginner, intermediate…) before signing up.


Want to up your chances of getting a dream job? Learn to code. With Codecademy, you can learn everything about computer science, from web development, to coding languages, to data analytics. Learn how to create a website, deploy it and add user sign-up/login/logout functionality to it.


Brought to you by LinkedIn Learning Solutions, this one is exclusive for AUC students; sign in through your organisation portal (by entering your AUC username and password) and you’re done! There are video lesson for literally every single topic you can think of—3D animation, audio production, branding, how to use CAD, ecommerce, game design and development, photography & videography, PR, song writing, typography, web design and the list goes on.  Lynda even keeps track of how much of a video you’ve watched, so you can go back to it later. And it’s all free for AUCians. Not a student? Sign up for a free 10-day trial.

By Salma Thanatos Rizk