The World Cup 2018 is getting spicier with each and every passing day! If you’ve been watching from day one you’ll realise that nothing stays the same and nothing is actually guaranteed. A couple of days ago, everyone was blaming Lionel Messi for not doing much for his team, just like they said about Mo Salah, but after what happened yesterday we all need to shut the hell up! Argentina managed to triumph over Nigeria and was able to qualify for the next round in the 86th minute of the match: backing down isn’t their thing.



And, since we’re talking about backing down, another big team decided that they won’t… We’re talking about Germany everyone! Of course, the World Cup wasn’t going to be the same without Germany, that’s why we couldn’t believe that they were about to be kicked out and, what surprised us even more, was them winning in the 95th minute. Is this luck? Is this consistency? Or is it Toni Kroos?



Now, let’s travel back in time to two days ago, when Morocco (who were actually doing better than great) might have knocked out Spain. This match was one of the greatest matches played so far, Morocco were doing fantastically, and so were Spain! But Morocco got us all believing they were going to kick Spain out, up until Spain scored a goal and tied in the 90th minute.



We haven’t decided if this is luck, or these teams are just too damn good. Nah, they’re probably too damn good.

P. S. Just like you, we’re missing Italy in this World Cup.


By Sara Mosharef