The Golden Fish New Ad Is Certainly Breathtaking!

The Golden Fish, who’s recently defended her bronze medal in FINA World Championships, is now bidding for a new glory in Tokyo Olympics 2020 with a new heart-warming ad.

The renowned developer, Hyde Park Developments, just launched a new ad to support the African and Egyptian record holder, Farida Osman, in her journey to Tokyo Olympics 2020 and it is breathtaking! The inspiring ad takes us through the story of the girl who conquered the impossible, highlighting her unique champion journey of passion, determination, and resilience.

Hyde Park Developments has always believed in the value of sports, being an essential aspect of the Egyptian society and culture as a whole. Their keenness on investing in the sports field certainly has a great impact on the communities they are developing and the future generations.

The shared values and belief in hard work, excellence, and determination between Osman and Hyde Park is what made the real estate developer take the step further to partner with the swimming champ.

Last Year, Osman and Hyde Park signed an official sponsorship agreement to support and encourage the swimmer till Tokyo 2020. The real estate developer did not only commit to empower the record-breaking butterfly financially, but also help her launch her very own brand and logo. Hyde Park Developments believes that their influence on Farida's career can be more than just fund; by facilitating all the resources the champ may need, helping her overcome all the obstacles.

Seeing companies taking actual steps to stand by promising champs could definitely inspire more brands to invest more in talented youth, polishing their experiences to build up new and stronger generations.

The young Olympia major goal in her journey to Tokyo 2020 is to inspire young athletes to follow in her footsteps as an achievable model. Knowing that she will always have the support, care, and attention of a sponsor like Hyde Park Developments will surely boost her motivation and confidence to achieve more great things.