Ramadan is almost over and as much as we’re going to miss it, we’ve got to get ready for Eid. As we all know, our lives have been turned upside down for a bit in Ramadan. Instead of eating three meals a day, we only had two; instead of having enough sleep, we all probably slept less than 5 hours a day. Not to mention the kilos we gained as we dug in our favorite desserts. To fix all of that, read along.

Divide up your meals during the day


Eat small portions and don’t shove in massive quantities of food over breakfast.

Keep the food light in the evening


We know how the suhoor changed this habit but we can’t keep doing this to our tummies and have Mahshy for dinner and then go to bed.

Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits


To recover back nutrients, try adding greens to your meals. Maybe even try green smoothies for a change!



We tend to get lazy when it comes to water; we either forget to drink enough water or we don’t drink at all. Our skin turns dry and wrinkled and now needs reviving.

Don’t push your body to its limit


You just got out of long, hard 30 days, and your body won’t take straining it with exercise. Start simple; take a long walk back home, stretch, and don’t lift heavy weights because you’ll probably fall to the ground with that dumbbell.

Quit the vampire mode


Because we mostly spent our mornings sleeping and ditched our pillows at night, we have to try fixing our biological clocks.

What about you? What do you do to regain your healthy lifestyle back after Ramadan? Let us know in the comments.


By Yara Tarek